Acceptable Use Policy

This website belongs to all the members of Bethesda United Methodist Church.  We want this to be a vibrant, active website that members can feel free to use for any and all church related activities.  Keep in mind that all posts and pages reflect on Bethesda and all her members.  The following subjects are prohibited from all contributions to the website:

  • Advertisements for businesses
  • Endorsements for or against political candidates or causes
  • Slanderous speech or personal attacks
  • Profanity, racist or derogatory language
  • Blasphemous or heretical speech or topics contradicting the teachings of the United Methodist Church

Violators of this policy will receive a written warning and may be restricted from contributing to the website.

Picture Policy

The pictures on this website and on Bethesda’s Flickr site have been placed on the Internet by members of Bethesda United Methodist Church as a means of sharing our experiences with one another and with the rest of the world. Our worship services as well as most church events are open to the public. Flash photography is not permitted during worship services. Pictures taken at worship services, during Sunday school classes, at fellowship events and other church related activities may be added to this website or Bethesda’s Flickr site. Adults appearing in pictures on this website may be identified by name, but other identifying information, such as home address, phone number or e-mail address, will not be included unless permission has been granted by the person in the picture. Minors appearing in pictures on this website will not be identified by name unless permission has been granted by a parent or guardian responsible for the minor in the picture. Generally speaking, we will not identify minors by name unless the occasion of the picture warrants it. Examples of such occasions are baptisms or new members joining the church.

We do respect the wishes of our members and guests. If there is a picture on our website or Flickr site that you would like to have removed for any reason (even if it’s just not a very flattering picture of you), please feel free to contact one of the website administrators and we will make every effort to accommodate your wishes. The website administrators also reserve the right to remove any picture from this website or Flickr site without notice.