Thank-you to the Open Hearts Class for their Acts of Kindness!

Think that sometimes your act of kindness goes unnoticed? Well, think again. People do notice and this time it was definitely appreciated! Keep up those Acts of Kindness members of Bethesda UMC! You are a wonderful part of this community!

On Thursday, May 4 amid Teacher Appreciation Week, cookies made by the Open Hearts Class were delivered to the teachers at Bethesda Elementary and all others working there.  We received thank you notes from some of them expressing how much it meant to them and how it brightened their day and week.

Here is one such note:

Dear Bethesda United Methodist Families,

Today was a wet, dreary affair, and a bit on the chilly side, too!  The view outside was oppressive and weighed upon my soul. I felt the afternoon ”slows” coming on and wanted to perk up, but had no remedy. As I went about my work, it all seemed tedious.

Then, I checked my mailbox and made a sweet, serendipitous discovery. Tangy, crisp gingersnaps were waiting just for me!  When I combined those cookies with a hot cup of coffee, I got a taste of what happens when one dies and goes to heaven.  Thank you for the delicious cookies.

Kindest regards,

Jim Brown, school librarian