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Founded in 1969, Bethesda United Methodist Church Preschool and Kindergarten enjoys an excellent reputation among parents and educators as a superior preschool for children ages two through five.

Our curriculum, called Playtasks, is based on the ideas of Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget, among others, and focuses on the way that children learn most effectively – through play.

This child-centered curriculum offers age-appropriate, “hands-on” experiences in a loving and caring Christian atmosphere. Each age group has its own set of learning skills and objectives and our individualized instruction allows children to mature and develop within their own time frame with positive, success oriented learning activities.

Our desire is to meet all needs of the developing child – intellectual, social and emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Education is further enhanced by weekly specials such as Music and Movement, Chapel day, visits to our Media Center, and Spanish for our four and five year old students.


Our school offers one of the few half-day kindergarten programs in Gwinnett County. The kindergarten day begins at 9:00 and dismisses at 1:00. While we do follow Gwinnett County’s Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) guidelines, many parents find that our schedule is preferable to the 7 hour day of public school kindergartens.

Because each child brings to the classroom his own unique set of skills and abilities, our program allows the teacher to individualize instruction as needed, offering challenges as well as remediation.

In addition to the Playtasks curriculum, our kindergarten class uses Scholastic Phonics and Reading, Starfall Kindergarten, and the Math Their Way programs which makes it possible to cover all academic areas necessary for successful transition to first grade. Kindergarten students also enjoy lessons in Art, Social Studies, and Science.

The kindergarten year is concluded with a cap and gown ceremony to mark this milestone in your child’s life and to celebrate their achievement.