Opportunities at Bethesda January 2 – January 8


Wednesday, January 3 – 6:30pm – Chancel Choir

Saturday, January 6 – Bethesda Fit – Chapel

10:00am – Volunteers needed to help take Christmas Decorations down – Sanctuary/Chapel/Fellowship Hall

Sunday, January 7 – 8:45am The Table – Chapel

9:45am – Sunday School for all Ages

11:00am – Traditional Worship – Sanctuary

Monday, January 8 – 10:00am – Prayer Group – Fellowship Hall

6:30pm – Church Council Meeting – Fellowship Hall

Our first meeting of the new BUMC Church Council will be January 8th at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  The Church Council meetings are open meetings except when we have personnel topics at which time we will close the meeting.  Our first meeting will focus on items in our finance and SPRC areas.  Additionally, we will focus on centralizing our church policies, framing our church goals for the year, and agreeing to our church council meeting calendar