Bethesda has great cooks, and we would love for you to share your recipes with us!


“Feeding the Flock”

We would love to have some of your best recipes for our 2017 UMC Cookbook.  If you want to go on line and put your recipe in yourself, please follow the directions below.  Otherwise forms are available in the Fellowship Hall that you can fill out and return to one of these UMW members:  Martha Gordon, Shirley Tallent, Vicky Leyva, Janice Williams, Rose Skold, Ginny Hollum, put the completed form in wooden box in the Fellowship Hall or e-mail Debra Rogers at

Recipes must be turned in by May 25th – ONLY 15 DAYS LEFT!

Go to the Internet type website:

Under get started Click on launch the app and down load app.
Password: spatula246

Enter your name to continue Login: bethesda umw
Text large Continue

Go to recipe pages Click Edit twice. Go to find add a recipe and click
Contributors: Your name

Recipe Information Recipe title: (name of your recipe) Category


Don’t forget to spell check on right and then preview and save your recipe. If you have an
addition to your recipe please go to add a part button for icing or anything extra then type
ingredients to this area.